What is SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, the process of improving a websites visibility in search engines. In general, the higher a website is ranked, the more likely it is to display in the search results list. You can improve your websites ranking by considering the way in which search engines work and the actual search terms your clients may use.

Key Considerations


Search engine indexing is the process of collecting and storing relevant website data. Some search engines use crawling techniques, while others require the user to submit the data. It is your job to make sure the data collected is as accurate as possible allowing your site to display more often.


In order for your website to display more often you have to consider the terms people will use to find your site. These terms or words are known as keywords and it is important that your site contains as many as possible, but it has to appear natural.


Simply put backlinks are links to your website which appear on other websites, in other words sites which are promoting your website. The more relevant backlinks you can create the better.

Image Optimisation:

When adding images to your site is not sufficient to just copy and paste or insert an image, there are a number of considerations before adding an image. You must ensure the size and format of the image is suitable along with the correct tags and keyword associations.